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If you’re interested in hosting esports tournaments, the first step is to create an account on our website. Creating an account is quick and easy, and only requires a valid email address and a few other pieces of information. Once you have created an account, you will be able to access all of the features of our website, including hosting tournaments and expanding your player base.


To host tournaments on our website, you will need to become a host. Becoming a host is easy – simply request access from our team and we will grant you permission to create and manage tournaments. Once you have been granted access, you will have access to all the tools and features you need to create engaging and exciting tournaments for players in Cyprus.


As a host, you will have the ability to create tournaments in a variety of formats. You can choose from a range of game titles, tournament styles, and prize pools to create a unique and engaging experience for players. Our website provides you with all of the tools and resources you need to create tournaments that are fair, engaging, and fun for everyone involved.


Hosting tournaments with us is a great way to expand your player base and reach out to gamers in Cyprus. Our website has a large and active user base, so by creating a tournament with us, you will be able to reach out to multiple gamers who are eager to participate in esports tournaments. As you continue to host more tournaments, your player base will continue to grow, and you will be able to establish yourself as a respected and influential host in the esports community.

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